Building a Better Foundation

Today I had a flash of nostalgia. While prepping to speak at an upcoming career day, I started to think about what inspired me as a youth. What drove me to do what I do.

Throughout middle school and high school I did what most other kids did, played video games. Especially first person shooters, and above all others, hailed the king DUKE NUKEM 3D.

Before Minecraft there was the "Build Engine". The Build Engine developed by Ken Silverman allowed a person to build custom maps that could be shared with other players. Building maps was the first experience I had in sharing creatively online. It allowed me to submerse myself in a 3d environment and allowed my imagination to "raise the roof". This was also what sparked my initial interest in 3d modeling, lighting and texturing. Before the Build Engine you only played games, after, you became part of the game. The digital construction of these maps along with honing your skillz with a shot gun, RPG and the Mighty Boot, is what got me through a good chunk of my youth.

Thanks Ken for all of the hard work you put in.

Here's a video of The History of Ken Silverman's Build Engine.

It Was About Time for an Update

I figured it was about time I kicked it into gear and got a new site together. Working at Berlin I've accomplished a lot since the launch of my old site (circa 2005), so it was only right that I share.

I'm sure that this site, like most of my other personal projects, will never be fully complete until the internetz haz explode.

To get a good laugh at how bad my old site was feel free to click on the image... or don't, whatever.

Make sure to check back from time to time and see some of the stuff I've been working on. It might be a funny family moment, geeky tech project (that I'm sure would get me looked at funny by hard working humans), some random ramblings about something obscure that I think is interesting (but probably isn't) or some of my personal & professional accomplishments.

A persons gotta start somewhere so why not in this little corner of the web.